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Matchmaking-Reichweite. Spielt bis Stufe. Konfiguration. Wenden Sie unterschiedliche Konfigurationen aus der unten stehenden Auswahl an, um zu sehen, wie sich die technischen Daten des Panzers in der Leiste rechts ändern. Position Forschungsbaum. Wargaming Community; Kommen Sie zu WoT auf Facebook;

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MT-25 | U.S.S.R. | Tankopedia | World of Tanks Configuration. Apply different configurations from the selection below to see how tank characteristics change in the right hand side bar.

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Hello. Author well done!

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mt 25 unpreferential matchmaking? - Soviet Vehicles. The MT-25 is my favorite of the moment, with the 72 kph speed and the ability to corner on a dime. Use the ZiS 4 and get 112/ 189 penetration. The only downside is the 370 view range.

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Matchmaking в WoT - Уроци - WoTBG Страница 1 of 7 - Matchmaking в WoT - публикувано в Уроци: [color=#ff0000;]Matchmaker[/color] - системата на WoT, която определя кой танк в какви рандом битки влиза.Изборът на машини за двата отбора се прави по няколко параметъра.

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MT-25 Ace Tanker 3300 damage 3 kills Lakeville Tier 6 Russian Light Tank The MT-25 can be a very effective scout killer, but such role is very niche thanks to the scout-based matchmaking (which as of 0.9.4 allows it to enter tier 9 matches).

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T-34-85, A-43, or MT-25 line? : WorldofTanks - reddit MT-25 unlocks the T-54 lightweight which is a very strong/popular tier 8 light but could be difficult if you don't like LTs. T-34-85 is your standard medium line (most likely the most straight-forward) and makes the T-54's stock grind the easiest but doesn't grind as many useful CW/Strongholds tanks.

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WOTINFO - Weak points of MT-25 Graphical overview of weak points of MT-25. Orange - commander, gunner, loader Red - engine, fuel, transmission Green - vulnerable zones

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MT-25... what? why? - Soviet Vehicles - Official Forum. MT-25 is like the guy that has to wear the bunny suit at his bachelor's party on the paintball field and gets blasted by all his 'friends'. Have it because I am the type of idiot that want to research and unlock everything but have not had a decent match with it.

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Patch 9.18: Lights und das neue Matchmaking! [World of Tanks - Gameplay - Deutsch] In diesem Video möchte ich euch die neuen Light-Forschungsbäume vorstellen und mit euch über das neue Matchmaking sprechen. Viel Spaß! Mein Livestream auf Twitch:

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MT-25 - Global wiki. The MT-25 is a Soviet tier 6 light tank. A proposed project of a light wheeled caterpillar vehicle. The draft was completed in February 1943. The most innovative feature was the suspension design. The suspension wheels were interleaved, and power was delivered to all wheels. No prototypes were manufactured.